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Myth: Decorating a house is the same as a staging a house.

FACT: Decorating and staging are not the same. Decorating takes everything the home owner loves and charmingly incorporates it into the home. Decorating is all about the home owner. Staging involves creatively editing your space, so the decor is neutral and yet interesting to the broadest range of potential home buyers. 


Myth: Home staging is too expensive

FACT: Home staging costs, but it also brings value and is an investment which will pay off! The average cost of a staging project is usually much less than your first price reduction. Statistics show that homes that have been appropriately prepared for the market sell quickly, which means there is no need for a price reduction. Whether you are selling in a fast or slow housing market, studies have shown that staged homes can add between 10% and 15% to the sale price of your home.

Myth: I can stage my own home

FACT: As a homeowner, it is very difficult to look at your own house objectively. When you live in your house, you get used to the sounds, sights, and smells of your setting. A professional home stager can assess and prepare your home for showing. Then, you will get a quick glimpse of what buyers will be focusing on when they are considering your home.

Did you know?

Only 10 per cent of people can envision how a place will look when upstaged! Statistics show that homes that are staged sell faster and often yield a higher sale price. Now, isn’t that an investment worth making? At Stage Right, we want to create a positive first impression to appeal to a wider variety of buyers. Let our teams’ creativity and attention to detail highlight the positive features in your home. Stage Right is there to help you all along the way, from preliminary consultations, de-cluttering, and specialty packing to interior and exterior redesign!

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