At Stage Right, our comprehensive home staging consultation provides a thorough room-by-room evaluation of both the interior and exterior of your home to ensure that your investment is ready to make a great first impression! A detailed report outlines our findings and recommendations, which we will go over with you, the homeowner, and your agent.      


Showcasing deals with the ideal placement of your furniture, lighting, art and accessories to highlight the best features of every room in the home. We will provide suggestions to de-clutter and recycle existing furniture and accessories to better highlight the positive features in your home. Presentation matters! A home that shows well, sells well!


Staging is the process of creating and editing your space in a way that allows buyers to see themselves in it. Our customized services cater to what you need, and include shopping services, fill-in staging, and fine-tuning before a photo shoot. Sometimes, it may be necessary to add additional furniture & accessories to compliment what is already present in the home or to infuse an unfurnished space with greater appeal. Take advantage of our inventory of artwork, lamps, linens, plants and furniture –small and large pieces. Stage Right will work within your budget to find the perfect pieces to attract your target buyer. 

Vacant Home Staging

Few people can envision the potential of an empty house. In fact, only 10% of the population can see the potential in an unstaged home! Buying a home is an emotional time. A vacant property looks cold and uninviting, making it difficult for potential buyers to connect emotionally. By adding furnishings and accessories from our inventory, we turn the house into a home creating a beautiful first impression.

ReDesign & Spatial Planning

Moving into a new home is a time-consuming process and figuring out how to furnish all those empty rooms can be overwhelming. Stage Right can help reduce the stress by creating a plan to make your new residence a comfortable, functional space that is a reflection of you and your needs. Re-Design is an affordable way to breathe new life into a space. Incorporating your favourite pieces, we offer creative solutions that will fit your lifestyle. Taking into account the purpose of your space, we will help you to make it functional and aesthetically pleasing!     

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