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I went to an amazing new restaurant last night. I felt a great vibe as I walked through the door. My eyes were moving all around the restaurant as I took in the different vignettes. Each one was so inviting! It was hard to decide where to sit! From the minute I walked through the door, I knew I wanted to stay. The owners of this restaurant staged their premises creating an inviting atmosphere that made their patrons stay to dine with them and encouraged them to return. Their marketing plan certainly worked - I will return soon!

This got me thinking - this is exactly what we are doing as home stagers: marketing the home to that potential buyer, just like the restaurant is marketing to their clientele. It's all about creating and editing spaces to make them as inviting as possible, setting the scene for their own stories to take place.

As home stagers, we want the future buyer to feel like this is a place where memories are made and they don’t want to leave!

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